Our Organ

E. & G.G. Hook Organ, Opus 254- 1859

The organ was originally installed in the Church of the Unity on West Newton Street, Boston, in 1859. After this building was demolished in the 1890s, the organ was moved to Zion Lutheran Church, also on West Newton Street. When this congregation relocated to a new building in the 1950s, the old building was conveyed to All Saints Lutheran Church, which worshipped there until it disbanded in the 1970s. The organ was removed and placed into storage - the building was later renovated and became the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts. In 1982, the organ was moved to its current location at Holy Trinity

Originally the organ had no casework or facade. Those were added when the organ was moved ca. 1896-98 by Geo. S. Hutchings. The Great to Pedal coupler is on a reversible foot lever that is not original. The Swell to Pedal coupler took the place of the original Great to Pedal drawknob. The organ was removed from its second home in 1979 by the Andover Organ Co. and placed in storage pending finding a home in another Boston-area church. It was removed from storage in Jan. 1982 with restoration and installation continuing through November. The front of the swellbox was fitted with a larger set of expression louvers to replace the originals which were not enlarged when the Swell was expanded to full-compass in 1870 by the original builder in its original home. The organ was dedicated in its new (3rd) home on November 21, 1982 by Stephen E. Long.

Stop List:

E. & G.G. Hook Opus 254, 1859

Great: unenclosed
8' Open Diapason 
8' Melodia (TF) 39 pipes
8' Stopped Diapason Bass 17 pipes
4' Principal 
2 2/3' Twelfth 
2' Fifteenth 
II Sesquialtera 112 pipes
II Mixture 112 pipes
8' Trumpet 

Swell: enclosed
16' Bourdon 
8' Open Diapason 
8' Keraulophon 
8' Stopped Diapason 
4' Principal 
4' Violin 
2' Fifteenth 
II Dulciana Cornet 112 pipes
8' Trumpet 56 pipes
8' Hautboy (TC-44 pipes)
8' Vox Humana 56 pipes

Choir: unenclosed
8' Open Diapason 44 pipes
8' Viol d'amour 56 pipes
8' Dulciana 44 pipes
8' Clarabella (TC- 32 pipes)
8' Stopped Diapason treble (TC- 44)
8' Stopped Diapason bass 12 pipes
4' Celestina 
4' Flute a'cheminee
8' Clarionet (TC-44)

16' Double Open Diapason (27 pipes on all stops)
16' Double Stopped Diapason
8' Violincello

CH/GT (sub-octave)
GT/PED (Hitchdown)